Intuitive Counselling - Discover your Soul Essence
"Wow! What a powerful session"
 Red Deer
 "I have no use for my addiction to video games or cigarettes" anymore."
 "I found my session with Corie incredibly liberating"
"I have been offered a new way of thinking, and dealing with situations in my life through my sessions and conversations with Corie over the past two years. I feel refreshed and rejuvenated after each contact- Corie's calm and confident manner is very relaxing, she puts you at ease- My mind, body and spirit have been opened up and I credit this to Corie's positive reinforcement of the greater possibilities in this universe."                                                                     
 "Corie's gentle and caring personality helped me get in touch with emotions that I was afraid to look at.  I look at life in a whole different way now.
"I was having relationship problems and Corie helped my husband and I look at things differently and we now understand how our childhoods have impacted our lives.We are more willing to work on ourselves now so that we can be closer as a couple."
"Corie helped me quit smoking. I have been smoking since I was 12 so didn't think I would be able to quit.  I have been a non smoker for 1 year now and Corie never gave up on me. She never made me feel guilty for smoking. Her weekly support helped me gain my confidence back again."
"I have tried to quit smoking several times but nothing worked.  When I reduced my cigarettes and had support from Corie, I was able to quit for the longest period in my life. I haven't had a cigarette in 9 months and when I have a craving I use the tips that Corie taught me to get through."
"I was smoking a pack of cigarettes a day and am now down to 8 cigarettes per day after 3 months. I am smoking outside and feel alot better. I hope to continue reducing and hopefully quit. I have more confidence that this will happen now.'
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