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2 hour: $150.00

Corie offers a unique approach to helping couples understand their issues. It is not traditional "talk therapy". She uses counselling with an understanding of energy and chakras. A big emphasis is placed upon how our childhood affects our lives and relationships. When we have trauma in childhood, a little piece of us splits off so that we can move forward. These pieces of us are still experiencing the trauma so when someone triggers us, it is that hurt piece of us that is feeling injured and gets defensive. It has nothing to do with the other person.

Our wounds are what bring us together, in order for us to learn and grow. When we can understand where the hurt is coming from and how we as individuals are contributing or harming the relationship, we can heal and move forward in a healthier partnership.

It is also important to understand what the walls are between a couple before teaching them how to communicate. Walls can start early in a relationship and develop higher and higher as years go by. These can be related to fear of trust, fear of abandonment, fear of self worth.

Couples often wonder if they can get back the feelings they had early on in the relationship and when you work on your own healing, break down the walls and learn how to communicate, this is absolutely possible. Your relationship can be deeper and more fulfilling than it ever was. A healthy relationship is when you individually work on your own stuff and heal your own "holes" in order to come together as a whole in a partnership.

In a session: Corie will speak to you individually to find out concerns, then bring you together to talk about what the walls are and when they started, practice communication and teach you both about how energy works and how it can be helpful in understanding how you relate to each other.

Book a couples session today to get back that connectedness and love you once had. Having a healthy, loving and respectful relationship is the best gift you can give to your children.

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