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Meet Corie

Corie is a Certified Intuitive Counsellor, who works with intuition and energy to clear emotional blockages. She has over 15 years Social Work experience and worked with Alberta Health Services; specializing in pregnancy and postpartum for 10 years.

Her dedication to lifelong learning has led her to take classes in Spiritual Healer Coach, Spiritual Dowsing, BodyTalk, Aurastar, Energy Balancing, Clairvoyant Training, Past Life Regressions, Crystals, HeartMath, Tobacco Cessation, Pranic and Reiki Healing.

Corie believes in her heart that EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON and that we just don't know what the reason is at the time. It is all part of the "big picture". It is how we choose to deal with the situation that matters.

As a Social Worker, she has worked with many different people facing similiar challenges over the years. Realizing that there must be a better way to help those in need without them staying stuck in their problems, she started looking into intuition and energy. Her eyes were opened up to a whole new world. She knew she had to experience this new way of looking at life and its challenges for herself first before working on others so she began to take classes and worked on clearing her own "stuff".

Corie is an Intuitive Empath and has always felt emotions deeply but did not understand that some of the emotions she was feeling were from other people and not her own. In looking back into her childhood, there were other signs that she was sensitive and picking up others emotions as a young child. This learning has helped Corie understand energy fields, how it affects others and how important it is to understand energy when raising children. Working with energy provides a faster way of clearing stuck emotions than talking about your problems over and over does. What she likes best about this type of counselling is that it empowers people to clear stuck emotions quickly, move forward and become more confident.

We all have intuition and our own gifts that we bring to this world. Corie has a passion for guiding people in their awakening and she helps you clear the blocks that are standing in the way of you realizing your full potential, health and well being.

Corie believes that when you love yourself at your deepest core, you make better decisions about your lifestyle, relationships and health.

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