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My Services

Intuitive Counselling:

Using intuition and energy to clear emotional blockages in the body. Being aware of past experiences, empowers a client to learn from and clear these energies from the body. When you grow up with certain belief systems and childhood traumas, you can develop masks that cloud who you really are. You can then hold feelings such as anger, fear and/or sadness in your body from these events. When you become aware of and clear these emotions, you shed the mask, allowing you to be more open, accepting, forgiving and loving. This leads to higher self esteem, increased confidence and

healthier relationships.

Helpful for:

Depression, anxiety, stress, addictions, trauma, self -esteem and many others. It can be much faster than a regular therapeutic session because it works on removing or clearing the stuck energy or emotions from your body. It is very helpful for couples as well.

In a session Corie will check your energy field and chakras. She (along with the client) will then determine where you are holding emotional blocks or blocked energy and facilitate techniques to help you get in touch with these emotions in order to clear them. After a session, clients report feeling lighter, calmer, more balanced and more clear in their thinking. There are also powerful forgiveness and taking your power back techniques that Corie works with to help you move forward in your relationships.


Want to see what your aura and chakras look like?

1 hour: $80.00

Biofeedback system that measures the energy flow in your chakras, organs and energetic field. Shows where you have blockages and how your thoughts and feelings are affecting your body.

Inner Child Healing


The inner child is the true essence of your being. Many people have experienced some kind of childhood upset or trauma. Many times we can become upset and not understand why, it may be your inner child that is upset and it is important to listen to this.

Your inner child is very strong. Returning to the time of the traumatic event and understanding it from an adult perspective brings about powerful healing and forgiveness.

Chakra Clearing and Cutting Cords   

1.5 hour:$105.00

Chakras are spinning wheels of energy. When chakras are functioning properly, the body's physical and subtle energies are in balance and harmony. Malfunctions can lead to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual disturbance.

Learn how to clear your chakras of negative or stuck energy and cut "cords" from others that have taken your power or hurt you. This is a very powerful and healing exercise.

Split Aparts    

1.5 hour: $105.00

Trauma or accidents can cause a part of you to split away and stay in that moment as a means of self protection. E.g.: divorce, death, abusive relationship, rape etc.

At present you might feel as if you are not all here, almost as if a part of you is missing. In order to heal this split off part of you, it is important to go back to that time and connect with this part of you.

Breath and Sound Technique: 

1.5 hours:$105.00

Learned in Sedona, AZ. Powerful meditation using tribal music and breathing to take you into an altered state, in order to get out of your head and into your heart. Accesses the 4 levels of consiousness Birth, Past Lives, Emotional and Oneness. Done weekly, is more powerful than daily meditating!

Energy Workshops:

2 hour: $30.00

Join your friends for this fun 2 hour workshop learning more about intuition and energy.

Using the biopulsar , you will see your aura and chakras.

Corie will share info about

- what energy fields look like and how energy works.

- how others energy affects you and process for shielding.

- how to recognize signs and syncronicities.

- how to change your thoughts and vibration.

- finding your life purpose.

- techniques to bring your power back and forgive.

These workshops run Fridays or Saturdays in your home for $30.00 per person. Host is free. Corie will bring books, dvd's, aura rods,animal cards and other info to share.

Breath & Sound Workshops: 

2 hour: $30.00

Corie will come into your home once a month to facilitate this deep meditation practice that helps clear out stress and emotions. Tribal music is played while deep breathing for an hour, raises energy vibrations in your body in order to release. This takes you into an altered state in order to get out of your thoughts in your head and into your heart. Very powerful and life changing!!

DISTANT THERAPY: Some therapies available over the phone/skype. 1 1/2 hour: $105.00


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